The Perfect Shortcut Guide to Planning a UK Road Trip

The English countryside is absolutely stunning - especially if you are planning on a road trip! The quaint towns and villages you pass through, the countless sheep you and the green of the hills will take your breathe away and makes for the perfect road trip around the UK. When planning a UK road trip there are many things to take into account, continue to reading for the shortcut guide to the UK road trip essentials.Whether you are driving Land's End to John O'Groats, getting a tan (more ... Read More

The Ultimate Itinerary for 2 days in Cape Tribulation Queensland

Do places still exist where locals say nothing has changed for 30 years? Where nature is more beautiful than you have ever imagined, where beaches are deserted and animals that resemble the dinosaurs are lurking in the rivers? Cape Tribulation Queensland is a perfect example of Australian towns back in the day. Where phone reception is a recent thing in 2021 and NBN is so new that it is still hard to come by. If you are looking for peace and quiet, where time doesn't really matter, things ... Read More

The Ultimate guide to the perfect things to do in Malta

Sitting just south of Sicily, Malta is a tiny Mediterranean Island that is a must on every ones bucket list. Malta is home to many natural and architectural gems, from fishing villages to natural swimming lagoons, there are plenty of things to do in Malta to keep you entertained. Malta is a stunning wee country made of three main islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, each island more beautiful than the one before. The Islands of Malta are surrounded by clear blue seas and bright blue skies. ... Read More

The perfect 7 day driving tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Ireland has been given the name "The Emerald Isle" for a reason. Narrow windy roads, stone fences, sheep and the most gorgeous rolling green hills. The only way to travel around Ireland is by renting a car and hitting the narrow roads for one of the best road trips in Europe. Some of those narrow roads and oncoming traffic may make you realise you know more words than you thought!! Ireland is full of friendly story tellers (and yes, you will hear many stories!), beautiful pubs and the cutest ... Read More

The perfect European beach vacation packing list: 33 beach essentials you need to pack

Europe. The home of the best summer vacations. From the sailing in the Mediterranean Islands, Island hopping in the Greece and eating ice cream while strolling along the beach in Capri. Europe has you covered for the best beach vacations. But, what on earth should be on your beach vacation packing list when you're heading to Europe? Whether you are packing in a carry on for your beach vacation or your hauling your backpack for a summer euro trip, this list will make sure you pack all of ... Read More

12 Best Mediterranean Islands for your 2021 Bucket List

There are over 180 Mediterranean islands, that are not super tiny or uninhibited, across 22 countries. These 22 beautiful countries share 46,000km of pristine coast line. So out of the 180+ islands which are the best Mediterranean Islands to visit this year? From Greece to Italy to Spain to Malta, start your travelling planning with this list of Devine Mediterranean Islands. Hvar Island, Croatia Martina & Jürgen, PlacesofJuma One of the most ... Read More