25 Amazing Reasons why Tallinn in Winter Needs to be on your bucket list

Fresh, crisp air, twinkling lights, early sunsets and gothic buildings lining the skyline. From the moment you step off the bus, you feel as though you have stepped back in time. There is no better place to spend winter in Europe than Tallinn. Visiting Tallinn in winter needs be high on your European bucket list. We visited Tallinn, Estonia as part of a "stop over" in the Baltic countries on the way to Lapland, Finland from Berlin. It was a bit of a whim and boy, am I glad we chose ... Read More

10 of the Best places to see the Northern Lights around the world

The Northern Lights are natural phenomenon also known as the, Aurora Borealis. The winter months sees Northern Light hunters head as far north possible to find the best places to see the Northern Lights and increase their chances of seeing the night skies light up. For many people this is a once in a life time experience and an experience that is indescribable. Seeing the lights, dance across the black night sky is an experience unlike any other. Sadly, for many Northern Light hunters, ... Read More

The Perfect 10 Day Iceland Itinerary: Planning an Iceland Road Trip

Winter, Autumn, Spring or Summer. No matter the season Iceland Itinerary should include an epic Iceland Road Trip. From the North to the South, Iceland is filled with waterfalls, black beaches churches, mountains, hot springs and views that will make your jaw drop to the floor. It is no wonder that Iceland Itinerary's are filling pinterest and stunning photos are stopping the Instagram scroll. Whether you decide to take the whole 10 day Iceland Itinerary or choose to do parts of it, if ... Read More

40 Long Haul Flight Essentials: Everything you MUST pack in your carry-on

As some one who moved to the other side of the world, Long Haul Flights very quickly became part of my regular routine. As I am not some one who flies for business, I do not have the perks of free upgrades and you will find me in the back of plane in economy! Unfortunately, there is no "secret hack" to turning your economy flight into a first class flight. However, you can pack some "long haul flight essentials" that will make your flight much more bearable. From my very first flight, where ... Read More

Schloss Marienburg: The best guide to visiting Marienburg Castle

Fairytale is one word to describe Germany and the Castles in Germany. It really does feel as though you have stepped into a fairytale when you step into a castle in Germany, or stroll the streets lined with half timber houses. There is one castle that is a little less known than Neuschwanstein Castle but is still the perfect fairytale Castle: Schloss Marienburg, or Marienburg Castle. Schloss Marienburg is a gothic revival castle located in Hildesheim a city in Lower Saxony, Germany about ... Read More

Greek Island Hopping: 13 Best Greek Islands to visit in 2021

Greek Island Hopping is a bucket list trip for many travellers around the world. What could better than spend a week, a month or if you're lucky, a few months hopping between Greek Islands? But with over 200 islands how do you know which ones to visit? Below are 20 of the best Greek Islands you should visit in 2021. The 13 Best Greek Islands for Greek Island Hopping Santorini Krisztina, She Wanders Abroad Santorini is undoubtedly one of the most famous islands in Greece ... Read More