The Ultimate travel movies to inspire your wanderlust

I love travel! It is one of the greatest joys in life is to jet off and see a new place or return to an old favourite. Another love I have besides travel is watching a movie!! Sitting on the couch with a great big bowl of popcorn and watching a movie. As often as I can I like to combine these two loves and watch travel movies.

If I can’t travel or I am trying to find some inspiration of where to go next I turn to travel films or after I travel it is always fun to watch a movie and point out the places that you have seen.

I have put together a list of movies that will help to inspire your wanderlust:

Moulin Rouge
What is not to love about this 2000s movie? Love, colour, glitz and glamour. Whilst this movie doesn’t exactly show the reality of the Moulin Rouge, it is still a fantastic movie.

PS I love You
I have watched this movie so many times and I still need the box of tissues. A young widows late husband has left her a year worth of letters to help her through her grief. The Irish accents and scenery always has me craving for Ireland.

The Holiday
Two recently single women switch homes for the Holidays. Kate Winslet heads to sunny LA and Cameron Diaz to snowy England to your typical quaint English village

James Bond
All of the James Bond movies are filmed England

The Sound of Music
The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music. Set in the Salzburg, Austria the Von Trapp family singers singer their hearts!
* When you visit Salzburg make sure you do the Sound of Music tour! It is a must

Midnight in Paris
Starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams this movie is set in modern times but sees Owen Wilson time travelling to Paris in the 1920s. If you love Paris, or you haven’t been to Paris this movie is a must

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The Da Vinci Code
A symbolist travels from London to Paris to discover the truth behind the Holy Grail.

Marie Antoinette
In 1770, Marie Antoinette an Austrian marries a French Royal in the years leading up to the French Revolution. Think lots of fancy dresses and the Palace of Versailles.

Beauty and the Beast
A love tale between a beautiful young girl and the beast is set 19th century France. No matter whether you are watching the live or the old school animation it is a classic.

Les Miserables
During the French revolution a french criminal attempts to escape his past whilst becoming involved in the uprising. This is a very sad movie, so have the tissues at the ready, but it is a must when we are talking about travel movies.

Under the Tuscan Sun
Diane travels to Tuscany and (like many of us!) falls in love with the town. She buys a run down villa and decides to call the town home.

Eat Pray Love
When Julia Roberts plays a women who is trapped in an unhappy marriage she decides to find herself by losing herself in travel. Her travels take her to Italy, Bali and India.

Letters to Juliet
An aspiring writer is engaged to a man travels to Italy and falls in love with another.

Mamma Mia
A romantic comedy set on the Greek Islands to the sound track of ABBA. As soon as you have seen this movie you will wish you were sunning yourself on a Greek Island.

In Bruges
This over the top and somewhat unbelievable action comedy is the perfect travel movie. I love re watching this movie just for the views of Brugge.

Sense and Sensibility
Thrust into poverty after the death of their father, three girls are left with the responsibility of providing for their family lands whilst dealing with heartbreak.

A young woman in Georgian Era England involves herself with becoming a match maker for her friends and family.

Bridget Jones Diary
I think we can all relate to this movie as we watch Bridget Jones document her struggles to find a man.

Bend it like Beckham
Along side travel movies, I love old school early 2000s movies.
A teenage girl defies her traditional parents as she strives for her goal of becoming a professional football player.

Billy Eliot
Set in a working class area of Northern England, a coal miner tries to hold back his son who is a talented ballet dancer.

Notting Hill
Watch as a young Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant fall in love in the middle of the beautiful London neighbourhood of…..Notting Hill.

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Love Actually
Couples lives intertwine at on of the most emotional times of the year, Christmas. I love England at Christmas and this shows cases the best of England at Chrismtas.

The Diary of Anne Frank
A fantastic depiction of Anne’s moving story

Schindler’s List
A german industrialist and member of the Nazi party, attempts to save his Jewish employees after seeing the fate of the Jewish to the hands of the Nazis.

Set in Scotland during the Battle of Bannockburn in the 13th century. Mel Gibson leads the Scottish army into battle against England.

Harry Potter
There are so many film locations for Harry Potter in England (especially London), Scotland and Ireland. This series is such a great movies to watch before – or after – you visit the United Kingdom.

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Mary Queen of Scots
Mary Queen of Scots follows the turbulent life of the very young Mary Stuart and her cousin Queen Elizabeth I

Have you seen these travel movies? Save it for later

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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate travel movies to inspire your wanderlust”

  1. Interestingly, almost all of these are based in Europe. I wonder what we could add to include other parts of the world? Still, your list reminded me of how long it has been since I have seen some of these – I will have to see what is available on Netflix!

  2. I know – you’re planning part two with movies showcasing the rest of the world! Genius idea! The Last Emperor, 7 years in Tibet, half of the Mission Impossible franchise, Out of Africa, The Gods must be Crazy, Hangover 2 (or was it three?), Rio, Finding Nemo… feel free to use any of these in your list!


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