Tips for Surviving Long haul flights

As someone from Australia who likes to travel, I have done many Long haul flights. I have flown from Melbourne to Europe (and back again) at least 20 times over the last 10 years

I can still remember my first Long Haul Flight to London – I was too scared to flush the toilet in case I got sucked in!! It’s safe to say I have picked up many tricks since then!

The biggest factor when it comes to surviving long haul flights its COMFORT!

Choose your own seat

Some airlines charge you to choose your own seat but there are many of the big airlines that allow you to do this free of charge. I like to choose my own seat so I can sit as close (or as far away) to the bathroom as possible, or whether I would like the window or aisle seat.

Seat Guru is a great place to start as it shows you a map of the plane and highlights the best and worst seats. It will also tell you what you have in your seat e.g. Entertain, Power Outlets etc

Choose your own seat - Long Haul Flights

Charge all of your devices

Before getting on the plane make sure all of your devices are charged! There is nothing worse than not having access to music, movies, ebooks, etc when your battery dies. Most planes these days do have USB charging points but I like to prepare for the worst – what if they don’t work? I also like to take an external battery with me on those super long haul flights.

Something to note: If you are travelling with an external battery/power bank you MUST have this in your carry on luggage. They are not permitted in your checked in luggage.

Bring snacks

There is nothing worse than eating plane food you don’t like or feeling like you don’t have enough food. I always pack some snacks, such as fruit and nut mix, savory biscuits or some chocolate and lollies. This means that if I’m sleeping I don’t have to wake up for a meal, or if the meals aren’t being served when I’m starving then I can just grab a snack,

Always Bring a Scarf

Planes can be cold and the blankets provided aren’t always big enough or warm enough. A scarf can save the day on a Long Haul Flight. It is the one item that has multi uses, block out light from your eyes? Check! Acts as a pillow? Check! Blanket for when it’s cold? Check!

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Never ever go travelling without an eye mask and earplugs! They’re not only great on those Long haul flights but also when you get to your destination. Some times the airplane will have some but I always make sure to take a couple of eye masks and a few sets of earplugs

Water, Water, Water

Airplanes are extremely dehydrating places and are usually the reason why we step off a plane feeling like death. Make sure when you’re on the flight you drink plenty of water – even if you don’t feel like it. Set yourself a goal of how much water you’re going to drink each hour. Try and limit the amount of alcohol you consume on the flight.

To avoid having your water bottle taken off you at security, grab a reusable water bottle and then fill it up once you’ve passed security. You can also ask the flight attendants when you’re on the plane to fill up your water bottle.

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