Schloss Marienburg: The best guide to visiting Marienburg Castle

Autumn leaves in front of the entrance to Schloss Marienburg Castle

Fairytale is one word to describe Germany and the Castles in Germany. It really does feel as though you have stepped into a fairytale when you step into a castle in Germany, or stroll the streets lined with half timber houses.

There is one castle that is a little less known than Neuschwanstein Castle but is still the perfect fairytale Castle: Schloss Marienburg, or Marienburg Castle.

Schloss Marienburg is a gothic revival castle located in Hildesheim a city in Lower Saxony, Germany about 30km from Hannover.

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History of Schloss Marienburg

An old gate on a castle wall surrounded by green trees

Marienburg Castle was built between 1858 and 1867 by King George V as a gift to his wife, Queen Marie. Queen Marie wished for a “romantic summer residence” and the hilltop location was perfect for Queen Marie.

Queen Marie was only able to live in Marienburg Castle for a year as her husband, King George V, was exiled to Austria.

When the Royal family was exciled to Austria, the Schloss Marienburg was uninhabited for 80 years until it was safe for them to return. In 1945, the Duke of Brunswick and his wife, Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia moved to Schloss Marienburg.

Marienburg Castle is very well preserved as few renovations were done until 1945. Today, the interior and the lavish outer appearance of the castle are almost entirely preserved.

You can visit the state rooms and private rooms of the royal family, the Queen’s library which is one of the most beautiful rooms in the castle and the kitchen which is fully preserved.

Where to stay

A gate on the side of an old castle surrounded by autumn leaves


Hildesheim is the closest city to Marienburg Castle and quite a few hotels to choose from.

Van der Valk Hotel Hildesheim is a four star hotel on the Hildesheim market square. Some of the rooms have a view onto the market square. If you are arriving by train the hotel is located 800 meters from the Hildesheim train station. Guests can dine at the hotel restaurant which serves local and international dishes.

Ibis Styles Hildesheim is a basic but clean and comfortable hotel. Is located 650 meters away from the Hildesheim train station. The hotel does not have a restaurant but you do have access to the hotel bar.

Accommodation in Hildesheim does not provide many options for budget travellers. If you are travelling on a budget, I suggest you stay in Hannover and travel to Schloss Marienburg for the day.


Mareinburg Castle is a perfect day trip from Hannover so I highly recommend staying in Hannover. There are plenty of things to do and places to eat in Hannover.

The Box Hotel is where we stayed and it was fantastic. Each “box” has an upstairs and down stairs. On the bottom level you have a single bed and a basin and “upstairs” has a single bed and a shower, the toilets are shared facilities. The Box Hotel is within walking distance of the train station and all of the main sites.

If small hotel rooms are not your style you might want to check out IntercityHotel Hannover. This four star hotel is located a two minute walk from the main station and offers free tickets to the cities public transport. Each morning you can treat yourself to a large breakfast buffet. In the evening, traditional German dishes are served in the restaurant or on the large outdoor terrace.

How to get to Schloss Marienburg

Autumn leaves next to a bridge crossing into an old castle

To help plan your trip to Schloss Marienburg Castle (or any where around the world) a travel resource I recommend is Rome2rio. Rome2rio is a free resource that allows you to plan your trip via all available modes of transport.

Getting to Schloss Marienburg from Hildesheim

By Public Transport

Trains from Hildesheim run every hour and take 11 minutes to Nordstemmen. Nordstemmen is the closest train station to Marienburg Castle.

From Nordstemmen it is a 2.7km walk, most of the walk is on a footpath but there is a section of the walk closer to the castle that does not have a footpath. We walked and did not feel unsafe at all but just be mindful of your surroundings.

If you would rather not walk from the train station another option is to take a taxi from Nordstemmen.

By Car

If you have access to a car or you have hired a car, Hildesheim is a 16 minute drive from Marienburg Castle.

There is plenty of free parking at the castle and the carpark is located about 200 meters from the castle.

If you would prefer not to drive, you can also take a taxi from Marienburg Castle. A taxi will cost between $50 and $65.

To take a taxi you can contact Michael Strey via +49 (0) 5069 – 80 60 20.

Getting to Schloss Marienburg from Hannover

By Public Transport

Trains run every hour from Hannover and take 16 minutes to Nordstemmen. Again, once you read Nordstemmen, you can either walk or talk a taxi.

A footpath lined with trees and a castle on a hill in the distance

Buses are available from Hannover Central Bus Station. Take bus line 300 towards Pattensen Central Bus Station. From Pattensen Bus station take bus line 310 to Eldagsen. Get off at the stop Marienburg Abzweig Nord. From here it is about a 2 km walk to the Castle.

By Car

If you have access to a car or you have hired a car, Hannover is about a half an hour drive from Marienburg Castle. You can find driving instructions here

If you don’t have access to a car you can take a taxi. A taxi will cost between $85 and $110.

For a taxi contact Michael Strey via +49 (0) 5069 – 80 60 20.

Planning your visit to Schloss Marienburg

Autumn leaves leaning over a bridge crossing to the entrance of an old castle

Opening Hours

Opening hours depend on the time of year. In the summer, generally speaking, the castle is open from Tuesday to Sunday 10am until 6 pm.

In winter the castle is open Thursday to Sunday from 10 am until 5 pm.

However, please refer to the website for accurate opening hours.

Ticket Prices

Admission to the Castle is free for children under 5 years of age. Adults cost 12,50€ and children (6 – 17 years old) are 9,50€.

There are reduced ticket prices groups of 15 or more or people with a disability and their tickets are 11,00€.

In the summer, you are able to climb the tower several times (weather dependent) and this guided tour is 5,00€

15 people are allowed on each tour and the tour lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

You can reserve your tour here


Until March 2020 you were not able to visit the castle without a guided tour. When we took the tour we were the only English speaking people on a German tour. It was strange having an English audio tour on a German tour.

However, from 2020 you can Marienburg Castle Interior at your own pace and it is up to you if you would like to access a tour.

Tours are at an additional cost, adults tickets costs 8,00€ and children are 6,00€

You can find out more about the tours here

How long to spend at Marienburg Castle

Autumns leaves surrounding Marienburg Castle

To make the most of your time at Schloss Marienburg, you will want to spend a few hours. After you have completed your tour, you might like to enjoy some food in the restaurant or explore the forest surrounding the castle.

If you are travelling from Hannover to Marienburg Castle you will want to allow a whole day.

When to visit Marienburg Castle

Autumn leaves surrounding the bridge crossing to schloss marienburg

Autumn is the perfect time to visit Schloss Marienburg as the castle is surrounded by big beautiful trees and the bright colours pop against the castle.

If you would prefer not to make your own way to the castle I suggest visiting during summer or early autumn when more tours and transport options are available.

Have you been to Schloss Marienburg before? What is your top tip for visiting? Let me know in the comments below

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