The Best things to do in London

London Calling to the faraway town!! If you are in the United Kingdom or in fact, any where in Europe you have to visit London. Whether this your first time in London or you have visited hundred times, London is always a good idea. As Samuel Johnson said “If you are tired of London, you are tired of life!”

Whatever it is that you are interested in, I can guarantee that London has it. So, if you haven’t been before, or even if you have, start packing your bags!

Here are the best things to do in London

The Tower Of London

You can’t go passed meeting a real life “Beef Eater” also known as the Yeoman Warders. Tower of London is a fantastic place to visit. It is packed full of history, gruesome stories and entertaining tours.

Top tip: Make sure you take one of the Yoeman Warders tours before you begin exploring the tower

Notting Hill

I’m also just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her!” We have all seen Julia Roberts fall for Hugh Grant in the rom-com Notting Hill…..and it is a real place. Notting Hill is a beautiful neighbourhood in London, it has one of the most amazing markets and photogenic streets! Of course, it also has the Notting Hill Bookshop – keep an eye for Hugh Grant.

Top Tip: The Market is at its busiest and biggest on the weekends but there are still some stalls open during the week

Churchill’s War Rooms

I’ve never been one for war museums or museums at all really, but this is one museum that I would go back to time and time again. Discover what life was like for Churchill and his members hidden away in secret tunnels under Westminster.

Top Tip: Book your tickets in advance or arrive early! It has become a very popular place to visit and for good reason.

Afternoon Tea bus tour

When I think of London, I think double decker buses and afternoon tea, so why not combine the two! Take a tour on an old double decker bus passed some of the most iconic places in London whilst relaxing with a scone….or two. Just don’t spill your wine!

Top Tip: Make sure you order a hot drink (it is included in the price) so you can keep the super cute keep cup!

Visit an English Pub

You cannot visit London (or any where in England) without stopping into an English pub, whether it’s for a pint or two, or something warm. There is something so cosy about an English pub.

My favourite would have to be Churchills arms (How pretty is it?). Make sure to order some fish and chips and a cold pint!

If you’re near Kings Cross station trying to make your way to Hogwarts, stop by the Lucas Arms pub for a Steak and Ale pie!

Kensington Gardens

London is full of beautiful gardens but as your stroll back to the center of London from Notting Hill, take a walk through Kensington Gardens. You can check out Kensington Palace to say G’day to Kate and Wills or visit the memorial for Princess Dianna.

Visit Platform 9 and 3/4

For all the Harry Potter nerds out there, you cannot miss Platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross Station. You can get your photo taken as you run towards the Hogwarts express or stop by the shop to pick up a gift or two.

Top Tip: You do have to line up to get your photo taken. There are staff there taking professional photos but you are under no pressure to buy one. They do also allow you to have your photo taken on your own camera.

Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour

In case trying to catch the Hogwarts express wasn’t enough. Take a trip out to Leavesden and see where the magic of Harry Potter was bought to life!

See a show on the West End

Make sure you head to Leicester Square and pick up some tickets for a musical or play on the West End. They have the old classics such as Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera but also some new shows such as School of Rock and The book of Mormon

Top Tip: Shop around. Don’t buy the first tickets you see. Go to a few of the booths selling tickets to get the best price available. You don’t have to book in advance either – it is easy to get tickets on the day.

Neil’s Yard

Just around the corner from the gorgeous Covent Garden is Neil’s Yard. A small and very colourful courtyard away from the hustle bustle, it is worth a visit for a nice cuppa or a wee shop.

Abbey Road

Who doesn’t own a Beatles album? Head to Abbey Road and recreate the photo that was made famous in 1969. Look out for the recording studio – it is still used by some big names today!

Top Tip: Remember it is a road used by many locals and it gets busy, especially around school pick up time. If you can, go in the morning on a weekend to get the perfect shot.


As one of the most famous department stores in the world, you must check out Harrods. The architecture of the building and the food halls are well worth a look. Even if you can’t afford to shop in most of the store (we can dream can’t we?) head to the gift store for some iconic London gifts

Top Tip: If you get offered a map from one of the staff, take it!! It is very easy to lose your way in Harrods


If you are looking for some fresh, local produce you will want to seek out the Borough Market. It is open every day, except Sundays, from 10am – 5pm (some days to offer longer trading hours).

The Camden market is open everyday from 10am – late. This is one the most famous markets in the world. It has over 1,000 stalls offering food, arts and crafts, fashion, music and so much more. You will come across some amazing characters. The atmosphere of the market on the weekend is one of a kind.

Marvel at the Views

Take in the views of London’s famous landmarks from the Shard. It is hard to miss the Shard as it literally looks like a shard of glass up in the sky.

Top Tip: Don’t pay to go to the top level, save some money and head to Aqua bar on level 31 for a cocktail. You still get the amazing plus you get to sip on a drink and save some money.

Big Ben and Westminster Abbey

Sitting on the banks of the Thames river is Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. I highly recommend taking a tour of the Abbey to really make the most of the 700 year old building!!

Top Tip: At the moment (2020) Big Ben is under renovations until mid 2021 but Westminter Abbey is still open to the public

Of course, you can’t forget….

Don’t forget some of the other famous sights of London

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Covent Garden
  • Trafalgar Square
  • The Thames River
  • London Eye
  • Leicester Square
  • Picadilly Circus
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

London is such a buzzing place and there really is something for everyone! What is your favourite spot in London?

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16 thoughts on “The Best things to do in London”

  1. London has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember! Thanks for the tips on some places that must be seen. PS – Churchill Arms looks so beautiful!

    • London is incredible! I always get so excited when I’m in London and just love going out each day to explore. I usually try and make sure it is the place I fly into in London just so I have an excuse to be there for a day or a few!! Please please keep it on your bucketlist. I hope you get to tick it off some day soon! Yes, Churchill Arms is beautiful at any time of year!!

    • You need to go!! It is a huge city but an amazing one! I have written a few posts on London that you should check out if you decide to go to London!!

    • You can never spend too much time in London! I have been lucky enough to go to London many times and each time I find something different. It is such as great city.

    • We were in London three times on our last trip and the first two times I thought no no it’s too expensive (we were on a budget as our trip was four months!) and then my sister visited us on our last time in London and surprised with the afternoon tea bus tour for Christmas! It was sooo much fun. You have to do it if you get the chance.

  2. First, your graphics are beautiful. I can learn a thing or two. Yes, Notting Hill is a real place as we discovered. Great post!

  3. I have been to London several times and 1/2 the attractions you mentioned I haven’t seen or heard of. Thank you for giving me some new things to see on my next visit.


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