11 Most instagrammable spots in Europe

Colourful buildings, ancient churches, mountain villages, cobblestone streets, beautiful beaches……we can only be describing Europe. Europe is full of history, culture, stunning landscapes and villages that look like they are straight out of a fairy tale.

I teamed up with some amazing travel bloggers to compile a list of the most instagrammable spots in Europe. If you’re looking for some serious wanderlust to fill up your bucket list then you have come to the right place.

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Check out the most instagrammable spots in Europe

Valldemossa in Mallorca

Anna – Would be Traveller

Old street surrounded by plants and cobblestones - one of the most instagramable spots in Europe

Valldemossa is a beautiful Mallorcan town around 20km north of Palma.

Characterised by the cobblestone streets, quaint stone townhouses and fresh plants surrounding the doorways, it is almost impossible to take a bad photo here and makes it one of the most instagrammable spots in Europe.

Valldemossa can get quite busy with tourists during the peak season, try visiting off-season to avoid getting other people in the frame. Alternatively, spend some time wandering through the backstreets to find a doorway that other tourists might not yet have discovered. There really is something beautiful to be found on every corner. 

As well as the houses and backstreets, you can get a great photo from one of the many viewpoints in Valldemossa.

Mirador de Miranda des Lledoner is a viewpoint close to the centre of the town, which offers incredible views over the valley as well as the surrounding Tramuntana mountain range.

The observation point can be found on Carrer de Jovellanos, close to the Royal Carthusian Monastery, which also deserves a spot in your viewfinder!

A slightly further drive outside of the town will find you at Mirador del Puig de Sa Moneda – another viewpoint offering magnificent views of the north coast. Here, on top of a hill overlooking the sea is an Arabian style tower with beautiful archways and two floors connected by a spiral staircase. 

It is possible to visit Valldemossa as well as the other nearby village of Deia on a day trip from the island’s capital, Palma. But make sure to spend at least a few hours in Valldemossa to soak up the village’s old time charm and enjoy a drink in one of its many cafes and restaurants. 

Overall, there’s plenty of beautiful photo spots to be found in Valldemossa, you just need to get out there and find them

Aberdeen, Scotland

Victoria, Guide your travel

An old castle ruin on a cliff by the ocean

Aberdeen may not be Scotland’s most famous city, however, it is well worth a visit. Also known as the “granite city” Aberdeen has beautiful beaches, impressive architecture and many great photo opportunities.

However, the most exciting part of Aberdeen and what makes it one of the most instagrammable spots in Europe, lies a 30-minute drive away.

Dunnottar Castle is the subject of many calendars and posters. It’s one of Scotland’s most famous castles and sits on a steep cliff overlooking the crashing waves below.

You can visit this 15th century castle for a small entry fee, take a tour or just admire its beauty from the cliffs above. It seems almost surreal and will make you want to know more about its incredible history.

During the summer months Dunnottar Castle is perfect for an afternoon visit. While the castle itself is stunningly beautiful and filled with hidden rooms and corners, the real photo spot lies on the cliff above. Only a few minutes’ walk from the main road you have the best spot to overlook Dunnottar Castle and really admire its beauty. Seeing an entire castle sitting on the edge of a steep cliff is an amazing site.


If you’re there on a calm day you need to try and fly a drone at Dunnottar Castle, the photos will be stunning. Even if you’re not a professional photographer you’ll have no trouble capturing amazing photographs here. The scenery is incredibly beautiful and will leave you wanting to explore more of Scotland’s East Coast.

Scotland’s weather is rarely too hot so you’ll have the perfect conditions for a hike to Stonehaven from Dunnottar Castle. Stonehaven is a famous little fisher town which claims to serve the best Fish and Chips in the country. Admire the rough landscape and cute little houses and don’t forget to try some of the famous ice cream while you are there. 

Paris, France

Linda, Linda on the Run

Lady in a pink skirt in front of a Paris building

There is just something magical about Paris. Often called the City of Light, Paris is romantic. Paris is enchanting. And it seems that every corner of every Parisian street has magical spaces that capture her beauty and charm. The Eiffel Tower, the Musee du Louvre and Musee D’Orsay are some of the most instagrammable spots in Europe.

But Paris holds some hidden gems that provide other unique and stunning panoramic views of the city that provide perfect photo spots.

The rooftop terrace at the Galleries Lafayette is one such place. Located on the seventh floor of the main building of the upscale Galleries Lafayette shopping complex, you will find breathtaking views of Paris, including the Paris Opera House and the Eiffel Tower.

The chic Galleries Lafayette shopping complex is located on Boulevard Haussmann, in Paris’ 9th arrondissement.
One of the main reasons it is one of the best photo spots in Europe is because it is not that well known! You can get fantastic photos without hoards of crowds. That said, the terrace can be busy at times as it is small. So be patient. Take your turn, and do not take too long. Be mindful and respectful of others waiting as well. 

There is a very thick glass wall for protection that is barely visible in photos and provides for uninterrupted photos.

As there are two (or more) fantastic locations for photos on the rooftop terrace, consider changing up your outfit. Add a hat. Wear a different scarf in the shots. Even changing sunglasses can mean changing the vibe of the photo.

This way you can capture and showcase several unique shots of popular Paris attractions, and look totally different and interesting in your memorable instaworthy photographs.

Santorini, Greece

Lauren, Paint and Pack

White buildings in Greece against a blue sky

To put it simply, Santorini is a photographer’s dream. With breathtaking sunsets, charming white buildings and incredible ocean views, this Greek island is definitely one of the best photo spots in Europe. 

For years, tourists have flocked to Santorini to admire the islands true beauty, eat great food and check out amazing views. Furthermore, there is no shortage of photo opportunities on this island. Although be warned, these popular spots get super busy.  

To beat the crowds, consider waking up for sunrise to get your perfect shot. Exploring this well-loved Greek gem is best done before everyone else wakes up. That way, you get to take in the true beauty of the island all by yourself.  

For one of the best photo spots in Santorini, you will need to head to Oia’s castle ruins. From here, you can photograph the true postcard shot of the island. It’s incredibly beautiful at daytime, but even more so during sunset. To get a great mix of photos, consider visiting at different times of the day. Be warned though, this is an extremely popular spot for sunset. You will need to arrive hours in advance for a good spot!  

Elsewhere in Fira, there is another must-visit location to take some amazing photos. The Three Bells of Fira (also named the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church) is a stunning spot overlooking the Aegean Sea. This viewpoint allows you to capture Santorini’s vibe away from the crowds with a dreamy and calming backdrop.  

From the centre of Fira, you can reach the famous church in a twenty-minute walk. During the height of Summer in Santorini, this can feel exhausting. However, it is 100% worth it. I promise your Instagram feed will thank you (wink wink). Just make sure you wear some pretty clothes, use sun cream and keep hydrated!  

Mirador Del Valle, Toledo, Spain

Patri, Spanish Nomad

View of an old city surrounded by a river

Toledo is a very popular travel destination just an hour away from Madrid. It has the distinction of being one of the fifteen Spanish cities listed as Unesco World Heritage. Toledo is also known as the city of the three cultures because Christianity, Islam and Judaism co-existed with each other for some time during the Middle Ages.

This melting pot contributed to Toledo flourishing and becoming an intellectual and economical center between the XII and XV centuries. The legacy of this fusion of cultures is evident in its well-preserved architecture and its wide range of spectacular monuments. I promise it will not leave you indifferent. 

The best place to contemplate Toledo in all its glory is definitely from Mirador del Valle. This overlook is South of the Historic city of Toledo, just across the Tagus river. From there, you can get a panoramic view of the old city and easily spot some of the most famous buildings like the Cathedral, the Monastery and the Alcázar, which stands tall at the highest point of the city.

The best time to arrive is at some point in the evening, either for sunset photos or night photography, when Toledo is lit up and shines under the dark sky.

Don’t forget to check sunset times before getting there and bring a tripod with you if you have one. Less than 100 meters away to the right of Mirador del Valle, there is a chapel and another lookout with a slightly different perspective of the city of Toledo.

If you are planning on staying for a couple of hours at the lookout, there are two dining options (fine dining and casual) both with spectacular views. 

There are many ways to get to Mirador del Valle, you can take the tourist bus, the local bus line 71, a taxi, your own car (there is usually enough parking space) or you can also hike up.

The hike obviously takes much longer than the other options but it gives you more photo opportunities from different angles.

The hike starts at Alcantara bridge on the East side of Toledo.

For more accurate information do not hesitate to visit the information center or check the official Toledo Tourism website (only in Spanish).

Arc De Triomf, Barcelona, Spain

Bisola, Bis to the world

Girl in a strippy skirt standing in front of an old spannish arch

Arc de Triomf in Barcelona is without a doubt one of the most instagrammable spots in Europe.

It was built at the top of Paseo de Luis Companys as the gateway to the Universal Exhibition held in Barcelona in 1888.

In 1989, just after its 100th anniversary, it was renovated. Designed by Josep Vilaseca and a host of other Catalan artists, the sculptures decorating the arch represents symbols such as industry, agriculture, commerce and more.

The main message the architect wanted to convey was Barcelona welcoming all nations to the Exhibition. One interesting fact is that the Exhibition the arch was built for was a huge commercial failure. But it has since been repurposed as a symbol of triumph for the city and region! That’s such a great attitude to have!

The sheer size, Moorish inspired style that gives it its amazing red bricks and the surrounding area makes this arch a perfect photo spot. The red brick stands out against the blue Barcelona skies especially in the summer makes this spot unmissable. The Arc de Triomf, although similarly named to the Arc de Triumph in Paris, is very unique and different to most other arches in Europe as it is a civil arch not a military one.

Make sure you visit at sunset to get a view of the sun setting through the arch, your pictures will be absolutely stunning! If you want a picture with noon else in, you have to get here at sunrise before the crowds form. To get a great picture with the whole arch, you have to scoot down a little and angle your camera up.

The location is also great. The Arc is at the top of Passeig de Luis Companys, a fully pedestrianised boulevard lined with palm trees and benches. It’s a great place to catch sunsets, listen to live music and take even more pictures. Walk through the boulevard and you end up at Parc de la Ciutadella, with a zoo, boating lake and even more photo spots. The nearest metro spot is the “Arc de Triomf” stop in the Red line. 

See more of Bisola’s stunning photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Reichenbach Falls, Switzerland

Poppy, Poppy Mae Higgins

A waterfall with a mansion over looking a lake with mountains behind the lake.

I was on a trip a few years ago to Interlaken, Switzerland. We took a day trip to this waterfall, about an hour away, not knowing where we were actually going. The waterfall we had found on Google the previous night was actually what inspired the Sherlock Holmes story, Reichenbach Falls! 

We took a train from Interlaken Ost to Meiringen station, then a bus from there to Zwirgi. It’s then a 2 minute walk to the falls, Google Maps is your friend!

There are signs, steps, and roped walkways up the mountain so you can get real close to the water! You can walk underneath the flowing water, and there are different levels to the top giving you different angles. 

There is even a cable car up the mountain and a boat trip across the lake below. You have to pay for this, though I would say it is worth it, as the water is so blue and beautiful, you can get even more pictures here.

At the top of the waterfall, we found a small lagoon. We sat for a while and even swam in the water (which was freezing!) The view from here was amazing, I’ll never forget it. We looked down at the sea of blue water and green trees and there’s a hotel at the bottom of the waterfall which looks so picturesque. 

It is here I got this picture, which to this day remains one of my favourite pictures, ever! My tip is to stand in the center, between the trees, so you get a nice symmetrical shot. Also, play around with the lighting on your phone camera. If you select the background, the contrast should change and plunge you into darkness and brighten the backdrop, leaving you with a silhouette sort of effect as you can see in my image.

Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland

Nichole, Nichole the Nomad

Fjaðrárgljúfur in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most photogenic countries in the world, offering dramatic landscapes with waterfalls, canyons, mountains, and volcanos. One of the best photo locations is Fjaðrárgljúfur, which is arguably one of the most beautiful canyons in Iceland. Fjaðrárgljúfur is located 155 miles from Reykjavik in South Iceland off of the Ring Road. The canyon formed thousands of years ago when the melting glacial water from the last Ice Age began carving and digging itself through the bedrock. The slow erosion eventually created the beautiful Fjaðrárgljúfur that stands in Iceland today. 

Fjaðrárgljúfur is 328 feet deep and twists along a glacial river for over a mile with oddly-shaped walls covered in moss, creating a fairytale-like sight. The canyon is a beautiful sight to see in every season and every type of weather. On a cloudless day, the green moss glows in the sunlight. On an overcast day, Fjaðrárgljúfur holds the clouds in its canyon walls and creates a beautiful and moody view. The best time to photograph Fjaðrárgljúfur is during sunrise or sunset. If timed correctly, the sun can be captured on the top of the canyon, creating a beautiful glow in the canyon walls. 

Because Fjaðrárgljúfur is a popular location, hiking is a great option to move away from crowds and photograph the canyon from a different perspective. The most popular hike travels along the top of the canyon, offering several breathtaking viewpoints. The more adventurous way to view Fjaðrárgljúfur is to hike into the canyon from below. The hike will require walking through the ice-cold glacial river but is worth it for the unmatched views of Fjaðrárgljúfur. 

Regardless of the weather or season, Fjaðrárgljúfur is one of the most beautiful places to photograph in Iceland and should be added to every Iceland road trip!

Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey

Bim, The Careful Wanderer

A lady with a purple jacket and red hat standing in a lavender field

This purple twenty-five acre field of organic lavender makes for a stunning background for a photo. Only 15 miles from central London, Mayfield Lavender Farm is a terrific photo opportunity for the photographer in you and probably one of the most instagrammable spots in Europe.

July and August are the best time to visit as the lavender flowers are in full bloom. There is a cafe on site with outdoor picnic tables. Take home lavender flavored foods & drinks, lavender skin care products or plants from their shop.

To get there by public transport, take the train from Victoria station to West Croydon or Sutton. Then take a bus or cab to the main entrance. If you are driving simply enter ‘SM7 3JA’ into Google maps. Tickets are £4 for everyone over 16 years old.

The fields are set on a hilly area which is great for dramatic landscape shots. There is an arbour and a red telephone box which you’ll see featured often on instagram posts.  Four varieties of lavender are grown there which means the shades of purple will change as you wander around the farm.

The first tip to getting a great photo is to go on a weekday and avoid the weekend crowds. Also, wearing colours that complement (purple or burgundy) or contrast (white or yellow) the blooms will help you stand out. Bring some props with you like a picnic basket or an umbrella.

Some photo ideas:

In the mist of lavender – get close to the ground by kneeling or sitting and have your camera person sit a few rows over.

Carefree – run between the rows, towards the camera, letting your arms float behind you.

Looking on a purple world – stand in the lower part of the field with your back to your camera facing the flowers.

Wild flowers – there is a section of young lavender plants surrounded by daisy, marigold, poppies and bluebells. The riot of colour make for a beautiful backdrop

Mayfield Lavender Farm is a colourful, refreshing day out. Take in every moment and you’ll return with great pictures and even greater memories.

Check out where to see the Lavender Fields in Provence, France

Cala Luna, Sardinia, Italy

Rachel and Nico, Average Lives

A cove looking out on the ocean with sand under neither

Cala Luna is a slice of paradise on the stunning island of Sardinia. Part of its charm is because the beach is so secluded and is surrounded by transparent water.  Although, as you can arrive by boat or by trekking, it means that the symbolic bay is accessible for everyone. It’s best visited in the spring or early autumn, as it can get exceptionally hot and very busy in peak season- especially in August. 

This unique spot is perfect to have some fun with your camera. The colours of the blue, crystal clear water mixed with the white sand are truly spectacular. However, the best part is the string of natural caves and the light you’ll find in them. 

What’s more, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, this is a once in a lifetime spot to watch the sunrise. Capture beautiful colours of the sky turning deep yellow, orange and blue.

The top tips for taking an incredible photo include taking a picture from the inside and the back of the cave looking out. Many people like to have fun in this spot, using people or objects as silhouettes, jumping for or posing as couples or friends. 

Cala Luna’s nearest airport is Olbia and from there reach Cala Gonone. From here you have two options, the first is to take a boat from the port for €15 return. The second is a breathtaking trek for 2 hours to reach the beach.  This area is an unspoiled beauty and whether you go by boat or hike, it’s certain that you will be able to take unreal pictures on the way. Make sure you wear trainers and take plenty of water.

Undoubtedly, you’ll treasure the memories and pictures you can capture in this spot. Cala Luna is a sanctuary in the Mediterranean and is truly difficult to forget. 

Temple of Debod, Madrid


The arches of the Temple of Debod in Spain

The Temple of Debod in Madrid is by far one of the most instagrammable spots in Europe. It’s a beautiful ancient Egyptian temple surrounded by a water feature high on a hill in the Parque de Oeste in Madrid. The Temple of Debod was donated to Spain (from Egypt) in 1968. In order to move it, the entire temple was taken apart and rebuilt in Madrid.

The Parque de Oeste is located in the district of Moncloa behind the Plaza D’Espana (metro stops: Plaza de España lines 3 and 10 and Ventura Rodríguez line 3). Upon arriving at the park at street level, there’s a set of steps leading up to the temple, which is surrounded by a beautiful water feature. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk from street level and while it was a moderately easy walk up the steps, the temple is not readily accessible for people with limited mobility.

The temple is open to visitors Tues – Fri 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

The best time to take photos at the temple is at sunset and early evening, where you’ll be able to capture an array of colors in the sky and then the gorgeous, glowing temple all lit up just after the sun sets, with reflections from the water and the play of light and shadow.

Plan to take your photos on Saturday or Sunday, when the temple is open later, and try to time your visit for about 45 minutes before the sun starts setting. It can get crowded and touristy, so you’ll want to have plenty of time to find a great angle and spot to take photos, as well as enjoy the views from the park over the city.

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