The Ultimate DIY Food Tour in Copenhagen

Food is one of the best ways to experience a countries culture and way of life. Food is a way of bringing people together, through celebrations and times of sadness. It something we can all share together. Denmark has some incredible food and what better to see it’s capital than to do a DIY Food tour in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a very walk able city which is why a DIY food tour in Copenhagen is a great idea. See the famous sights of the city as you walk from eatery to eatery, tasting some of the very best local food. Copenhagen is a beautiful city filled with colourful building, canals and such friendly people.

The danes are said to be the happiest people in the world. Besides food, one huge part of their culture is practice, Hygge. Hygge is essentially a feeling of coziness and contentment in the simple things in life. Hygee, pronounced Hoo-ga, is a huge part of the danish culture and big part of the reason why the danes are so happy.

Don’t believe me? They even have a book written about it. So, you can “steal” their secrets


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Where to stay in Copenhagen

There are many great places to stay in Copenhagen, I recommend staying as close to the center as possible. You can stay pretty close to the city center but still feel as though you are staying in a local area.

Cheaper options – Copenhagen is an expensive city but there are still some cheaper options. One option is to stay in the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel or if you would rather a cheaper hotel instead of a hostel you could stay at the CABINN Copenhagen.

Mid range accommodation – located close to most of the main “things to do” is the gorgeous Hostel SP34 or Absalon Hotel Copenhagen which located right by the train station.

Luxury accommodation – if you prefer to treat yourself to a little luxury check out the Andersen Boutique Hotel which located 200m from the central train station.

Airbnb – another good option for accommodation is Airbnb. Airbnb is a great way to “live like a local”. We stayed in a great Airbnb in Nørrebro, it is located very close to supermarkets, restaurants and a train station. By train it is located 10 minutes from the center of Copenhagen.

Some other great neighbours to stay in are: Indre By (upmarket), Vesterbro (nightlife), Osterbro or Nyhavn (families)

Here is the Ultimate DIY Food Tour in Copenhagen

One of the best things about DIY Food tours is that you can walk, you can ride a bike, you can take public transport or you can grab a taxi. The choice is completely up to you.

However, Copenhagen is such a walk able city that this DIY Food Tour in Copenhagen is manageable on foot – you may need a day or two to complete the tour.

Disclosure: This food tour is inspired by Kara and Nate – Check out their DIY Food Tour video here

Noma/108 CPH

Has been voted #2 on the best 50 restaurants in the world. It was Noma that really put Copenhagen on the “food map”. The original Noma restaurant was closed in 2017 and moved to the spot it is in today.  The restaurant has three menus a year. Each menu is roughly 20 course and is based around the top seasonal ingredients.

However, we stopped by 108 CPH to try one of their pastries. 108 is referred to at the little sister of Noma as it is owned by the same person. Even though it is owned by the same person, it offers a different experience, it is much more relaxed than the restaurant. The pastries as 108 are extremely unique and the coffee is beautiful!

Cost for a Pastry 40DKK |Strandgade 108, 1401 København


Free town is commune in the center of Copenhagen that was founded by “hippies” in the 1970s in an abandoned military base. It is now self governed and there are around 850 – 1000 residents.

Up until 2004, the sale of Cannabis was tolerated but since 2010 the Danish government has tried to normalise the commune. These days, it is still extremely common to for the sale of drugs, especially on Pusher street – be mindful if you are travelling with children.

Free town is realitvely safe if you are respectful of the residence and their rules such as, no taking photos, no staring at people and no running.

The reason Free town is on the DIY food tour in Copenhagen is because it is home to the first vegetarian cafe in Copenhagen.

Morgemstedet is run my local volunteers and the menu changes every day. One thing that is guaranteed, is fresh and tasty food. You can usually grab a bowl of soup, bread and a mix of salads/vegetables.

Note: They only take cash!!

Cost: Soup, Bread & Salad: 120DKK |Free town Christiana

Lille Bakery

Apparently, Lille Bakery was started by crowd funding and now they are a thriving bakery. The bakers work closely with farmers to ensure the quality of their food and to show respect for the environment.

Lille Bakery is located in an old industrial area but it is most definitely worth the trip across town.

When visiting Lille Bakery you must try a Wienerbrød, which translates to pastry of Vienna. You need to go early in the morning as they do sell out pretty quickly.

Cost of a pastry ~20DKK | Refshalevej 213 A, 1432 København


Broaden & Build

Is an ingredient focused brewery just around the corner from Lille Bakery. Broaden and Build is located inside an old converted warehouse.

It is a great place to relax and try some good food and drinks.

Refshalevej 175A 1432 Copenhagen

Plante Polsen

The food scene in Copenhagen is starting to change. Cafes and restaurants are moving towards more sustainable and plant based foods.

Plante Polsen is most well known for their hot dogs. However, the hot dogs are not your regular hot dogs, they are vegan hot dogs. There are so many to choose from and you can get meal deals too!

The hot dogs are 100% plant based and are made up of 50% vegetables as well as quinoa and a plant based protein source.

There is also free wifi and water!

Cost of a hot dog 55DKK | Jægersborggade 27, 2200 København,

Broens Gadekokken

An open air food market but it is not open all year round. If you turn up in the middle of winter, you are likely to come across some gorgeous and oclour huts that are all shut.

When you are visiting Broens Gadekokken there are three different foods that you need to try:

The original danish street food hot dog – not at all similar to the vegan hot dog, this hot dog is a pork sausage, relish, pickled onions, mustard (Cost 55DKK)

Grod – essentially a fancy porridge! This is perfect if you are visiting on a cold day! We went for the apple, caramel, almonds and cinnamon Grod (Thanks Kara for the recommendation – cost 50 DKK)

Gasoline grill – if you look any where on the internet you will get many recommendations for the Gasoline Grill Cheeseburger – whilst it is not local, the locals do recommend it! (Cost 75DKK )

Sanks Peders Cafe

Located in Latin quarter of Copenhagen it is the oldest bakery in Copenhagen. They are well known for their “onsdagssnegle” or Wednesday Snail/Cinnamon scroll. They start selling them on a Wednesday at 10:30am and throughout the day they sell no less than 4,000!

4,000 may sound like a lot, but they sell out quickly – get there early.

Sankt Peders Stræde 29, 1453 København, Denmark

Christmas Markets

If you are in Copenhagen at Christmas, you must add the Christmas markets to your DIY Food Tour in Copenhagen and try some of these foods:

Glogg: a cup of hot danish mulled wine (some of the best in Europe if you ask me)

Bratwurst: Typically German sausages but the ones at the Christmas market at Nyhavn are amazing!!

Cured Meat: You can pick up salami, sausage, ham, almost any type of cured meat you can think of and of course, you need to grab the cheese that is usually sold near by.

Fudge: I had never seen so much fudge or some many different types of fudge before. So if you have not tried fudge before or you LOVE fudge, grab some at the Christmas markets.


Tips for your DIY Food Tour in Copenhagen

If you are travelling with a buddy or a partner – share!! You can always go back for seconds

Spread the food over a couple of days

Highly recommend walking or riding a bike – it helps with digestion!!

Bring cash – not every place on the last takes card

Don’t eat before starting the food tour


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DIY Food Tour in Copenhagen


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