The perfect 7 day driving tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Ireland has been given the name “The Emerald Isle” for a reason. Narrow windy roads, stone fences, sheep and the most gorgeous rolling green hills. The only way to travel around Ireland is by renting a car and hitting the narrow roads for one of the best road trips in […]

40 Long Haul Flight Essentials: Everything you MUST pack in your carry-on

As some one who moved to the other side of the world, Long Haul Flights very quickly became part of my regular routine. As I am not some one who flies for business, I do not have the perks of free upgrades and you will find me in the back […]

The 12 Best Free travel apps for your next trip

These days there are apps for just about everything but half of them are worthless and take up important storage on your device. Travel apps can make your travelling so much better if you make sure you have downloaded a few great travel apps. Are you planning a trip? Check […]

The Ultimate Lapland Packing List: Everything you need for winter in Lapland

Lapland. One of the most amazing destinations in Europe, if not the world. Lapland is located in the north of Finland and if you know anything about Finland, you know it is cold. When we visited Santa at Santa Claus Village, we said how cold it was. He laughed and […]

8 Things you must pack in your travel make up kit essentials

When travelling I truly believe in packing light. Even if I’m not so good at it! One of the heaviest things to pack in your luggage is make up and toiletries. After years of leaving too many skin care products at home or packing too much make I have finally […]

Top Travel Experience you must have every time you travel

No matter whether you are on vacation or you’re travelling, there are just some travel experiences you must have every time you travel. Usually, I would like to say that I am going travelling but I do also love to go on vacation. But, what is the difference? In general, […]