The Ultimate Lapland Packing List: Everything you need for winter in Lapland

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Lapland. One of the most amazing destinations in Europe, if not the world. Lapland is located in the north of Finland and if you know anything about Finland, you know it is cold.

When we visited Santa at Santa Claus Village, we said how cold it was. He laughed and said “no dear, -6 degrees is refreshing, between -20 degrees and – 40 degrees is very refreshing, below -40 degrees is cold!”

You don’t want your trip ruined by being cold the whole time! So, I have created a Lapland Packing List to help you get ready for a magical trip to Lapland.

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Packing for a winter destination can be overwhelming and you might be unsure what you need to pack. This Lapland Packing List will (hopefully!) take some of the worry out of packing for your holiday.

I promise, all of the things on this list will fit into your luggage! You will even have room for a few decorations and souvenirs.

When it comes to packing for winter make sure you pack decent quality clothing! There is nothing worse than being super cold the whole trip.

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A few tips for visiting Lapland in Winter

It is always warm inside

Wearing layers in Lapland will really help. It is freezing cold outside but very warm inside. Having layers you can put on and take off makes it so much easier

Leave the high heels at home

During the winter in Lapland you are guaranteed snow. When it is not snowing, the rain and melting snow are turning to ice. It is hard enough to walk around in boots let alone high heels!

Even if you are going out for a nice dinner, wearing snow boots is perfectly acceptable. In fact, everyone else will be wearing the same.

Tour companies will have extra clothing for you

If you do any snow activities or go hunting for the Northern Lights, the tour company will often have a snow suit for you. Take this! Even if you think you are well dressed, it is better to taking off layers than wishing you had more.

However, when booking your activities or tours, double check if they are included and if you need to pay extra.

Invest in a good quality outer jacket

One of the most important things you will wear and that you will wear often is a jacket. Make sure it is good quality, warm and water proof! Remember, when snow lands on you, it melts and turns to water.

Now, lets get into your Lapland Packing List

Winter Coat

As I mentioned before, a winter coat is one of the most important things on your Lapland Packing List. Unfortunately, you can’t just take any coat, you need to take the right coat.

Luckily, this is not as hard as it seems. When choosing a coat you need to ask yourself (or the person you are buying the coat off) a few questions:

  1. Is the jacket light weight? You do not want to be packing a super bulky and heavy coat. It will add weight to your bag and become annoying to carry around.
  2. Is the jacket waterproof? Whether it is raining, snowing or just misty in Lapland, if your jacket is not waterproof you will end up very wet. Remember, if you are wet, you will get colder more quickly.
  3. Is the jacket windproof? It can get very windy in Lapland and the wind is a harsh cold wind! Having a windproof jacket can make all the difference and keep you a lot warmer.

I recommend investing in a good down jacket. Down jackets are made from feathers which trap your body heat. Down jackets are easy to pack, clean and most importantly, keep you warm.

A red post surrounded by snowing showing a thermometer reading -6 degrees

Snow boots are a must on your Lapland Packing List

During the winter there will be a mixture of things you will deal with on the ground. Snow (a dusting or a huge pile!), ice, black ice (this is that you cannot see) or slush – this is when the snow has started to melt and its not nice and fluffy.

You always need to expect that below slush or snow that there will be ice below it. Quite of the ground will look like its wet but the wet look is actually ice!

Walking around in snow or standing in snow can make your feet very cold so you need to make sure your feet are warm.

Snow boots might be “big and bulky” but they are a must. If you are struggling to fit them in your bag, be that person who wears their snow boots on the plane (you can always take them off once you’re on the plane).

At first, your boots may feel heavy on your feet but you will get used to them very quickly. When you’re standing in the snow waiting for the Northern Lights to appear you will be very happy to be wearing warm and sturdy snow boots.

An ice pool on the side of a frozen lake surrounded by snow

Layering for Lapland

Be prepared to always be wearing long woolen pants and tops under your clothes. I suggest wearing merino wool as this will keep you super toasty all day (and night) long.

When you are buying your thermal pants and top make sure it is fitted to your body. You don’t want to have room for cold air to move around your body.

Woolen socks are also a must. Even if you have snow boots, cotton socks are not enough to keep your feet warm. I found that we wore two or three pairs of woolen socks inside my snow boots.

Make sure you socks are soft because you will be spending a lot of time in your woolen socks. When you are going out for excursions (or in general) have a spare pair of socks in your bag.

Skin care and Make up in Lapland

It is important to look after your skin in Lapland. The freezing cold weather and the harsh wind will dry out your skin very quickly.

Investing in a good thick moisturiser will help keep your skin feeling soft and protect it from the harsh environment.

If are like me, I don’t like taking travel photos without wearing makeup. However, you don’t want to be packing a lot of cosmetics. I recommend taking a good BB cream or tinted moisturiser, some powder and mascara.

Essential Accessories for Winter in Lapland

Gloves, gloves, gloves! Your hands will freeze without gloves! Don’t head out of your accommodation without a pair of gloves. Even if you are just walking from your room to dinner or from a taxi into a shop you will find yourself reaching for gloves.

On super cold days, when you’re playing with snow or heading out for a night time excursion you might want to grab a pair of leather and wool gloves to wear over the top of your basic wool gloves.

Beanies need to be double lined and are best with fleeced lined. The wind will blow through a single lined beanie and you will end up with a head ache pretty quickly. I like beanies like this or this.

Scarf the bigger the better. I love wearing blanket scarfs because they keep out the cold and the wind. Blanket scarfs are awesome to because they can act as an extra layer if you need or to put over your head if you find your beanie isn’t warm enough.

Handwarmers will be a life saver, especially if you are heading out on a Northern Lights Safari. Handwarmers are great in your pockets to keep your hands warm (obviously!) or inside your jacket to help keep your body warm.

Lapland Packing List Printable

Have you been to Lapland, Finland before? What do you think is essential on every Lapland Packing list? Let me know in the comments below

Fiona xoxo

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