Arctic Fox Igloos: A night in luxury under the stars

Lapland is the definition of a winter wonderland. What better way to experience the winter wonderland than spending the night in luxury under the stars at the beautiful Arctic Fox Igloos. The Arctic Fox Igloos are located on the gorgeous Lake Ranuanjärvi surrounded by the arctic forest. In winter, Lake […]

Arctic Treehouse Hotel Rovaniemi, Finland: The most beautiful hotel in the world

The Arctic Treehouse Hotel Rovaniemi, Finland is like a slice of heaven on earth. From the moment you check in to the moment you leave you will feel as though you are on cloud 9. Lapland has been a place that has been very high on my bucket list for […]

Best websites for cheap accommodation

Once you have finally booked your flights to your destination the next biggest cost of travelling is accommodation. No matter the length of your trip, this is one thing that will definitely eat into your budget. However, these days there are so many options when it comes to finding cheap […]