Travel necessities for your next trip

Before we left home on our 4 month European adventure I poured over blogs, vlogs and podcasts trying to make sure I packed all of the travel necessities. I found a tonne of information but a lot of it was irrelevant or I took it and never used it.

There were many things that I took on our trip that I wish I didn’t take but there were also many things that I am so glad that I did take. I was super surprised that these things became my necessities.

Check out my list of Travel Necessities:

Toothbrush holder

I was so grateful for my tooth brush holder every day!! I recommend a suction cap toothbrush holder as it sits on the mirror. I liked having my toothbrush on the mirror for two reasons: 1. It was away from any dirty counters 2. I could always see it so I never left it behind.

Sleep Sheet

If you are travelling in hostels, camping or sleeping on buses/trains a sleep sheet is a must. Not all accommodations are as clean as we would like and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. There were several hostels we stayed in that were not up to my cleanliness standards so I was so happy that I was able to sleep inside a clean sleep sheet.

Pillow Case

For the same reasons as the sleep sheet, I was so happy to have my own pillow case. It is also great when you are travelling on a plane as you can stuff things such as scarves or jumpers inside to make a decent size pillow – much better than the airline pillows.

I prefer to travel with a silk pillow case as it is much kinder to your skin and your hair. This is an important travel hack when you’re travelling for a long time and you don’t always get to treat your hair and skin with kindness.

Head Phone splitter

If you are travelling with a partner, family, friends or anyone, a headphone splitter is a must. This tiny but very useful gadget prevents arguments over someone else accidentally pulling your headphones out. I loved having the headphone splitter on long plane and train trips, it made watching a movie or listening to music with my partner so much easier!

Packing Cubes

Over the passed 10 years of travel I have never used packing cubes. I don’t really know why! This trip I decided to give them ago and I will never travel without them again. It makes packing up at each destination so much quicker and keeps your room a lot tidier. I loved feeling so organised and know where everything was.

Ear plugs

I think ear plugs are pretty self explanatory! Not all hotels, hostels, apartments are going to be as quiet as your house and ear plugs can help block out some of the noise from the party on the street or the person snoring next to you on the bus. I didn’t use ear plugs for the first few weeks and I regretted.

Eye Mask

I don’t use eye masks all the time but the few times I did us it I was so happy that I had one. We stayed in an apartment in London where the bedroom light would not turn off… is safe to say I am so happy that I packed an eye mask!! Even though it is not something that I use regularly, it is definitely a travel necessity because you never know when you’re going to need an eye mask.


Even though we were travelling in Europe, in winter, I used sunscreen a lot more than I thought I would. Although, there was a day in London I forgot to wear sunscreen and I got sun burnt. Remember, even though the sun may not be out there are still UV rays which can damage your skin.


For some people this might be a no-brain, but for me pajamas are not something I pack very often. When I’m travelling I usually just use a regular t-shirt. However, on this trip I was so happy to have pjs! After a long day of sightseeing, especially because it was winter, it was so lovely to get back to the hotel, have a shower and put on some comfortable pjs. I only packed one pair so they didn’t take up a lot of space and they’re smaller than tracksuit pants.


I loved having a scarf, to be more specific, a blanket scarf. I used this all the time. When I was super cold, it doubled as a dressing gown, I used it as a pillow or a blanket, an eye mask or just as a general scarf for warmth. I have been travelling for 13 years and I have never travelled without a blanket scarf! They take up space in your bags but it is well worth it.

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