40 Epic things to do in Cairns, Australia 2022: The best travel guide

Cairns is the gateway to Far North Queensland and is one of the most popular Australia cities for travellers and it is easy to see why.

Cairns has something to offer for every type of traveller. From the thrill seeking Bungy jumps to waterfall chasing to swimming with the turtles on the Great Barrier Reef and relaxing on the beaches of some of the worlds most beautiful islands, there is something for everyone.

Continue reading to find out the most epic things to do in Cairns, where to eat in Cairns and the best places to stay.

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The best things to do in Cairns

Walk along the Marina

Boats in the Cairns Marina

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful parts of Cairns is the Marina. Walk among the super yachts, eat fresh seafood on a boat or leave the city for the reef. The Cairns Marina really is the gateway to Great Barrier Reef.

Not only do all of the cruises leave from the Marina but it is also beautiful to explore, the Marina is surrounded by mountains and a true site to see. Find a restaurant (and a hotel) that over looks the Marina and enjoy a meal or a drink with a view over the Marina and the stunning mountains.

If you visit Cairns and you don’t make it to the Marina at least once you have not experienced Cairns properly.

Watch the sunrise at Marina

Watch the sunrise at the Cairns Marina

One of the best places in Cairns city to catch the sunrise is at the Marina. We were lucky enough to be staying at the Shangri-La on the Marina so we could watch the sunrise from our balcony.

Even if you are not staying on the Marina I highly recommend heading to the Marina at least once to watch the sunrise over the mountains and the water become orange and green.

The Marina can be a very busy place but first thing in the morning before the sun is peaking above the horizon there is a calm before the storm kind of feeling.

Eat fresh sea food on a boat

The Prawn Star restaurant boat

One of the cutest restaurants in Cairns is the Prawn Star. Made up of three boats you can dine of Fresh Seafood that is cooked on the boat.

If eating on a boat is not your cup of tea you can order to go, however, if you are going to try the seafood I highly recommend eating on the boat. What could be better than eating fresh seafood on the boat?

The Prawn Star is open from 11am until 9pm and does welcome walk-ins. However, if you are planning on dining at lunch or dinner times I highly recommend booking, every night the boat was very busy.

You can book online (and check out the menu) or you can book on the boat.

Explore the Esplanade boardwalk

Pelicans in the mud flats at the Cairns Esplanade

The Cairns Esplanade boardwalk is a picturesque walk that stretches for 2.5km along the Cairns Foreshore.

As you walk along the boardwalk look out to the ocean and see if you can spot the pelicans and other bird life, however, I do recommend visiting the boardwalk when the tide is in, it certainly makes the walk a lot prettier, other times of the day you will see the pelicans playing in the mud flats.

Along the Esplanade you will find the Lagoon, an epic children’s playground, live events, morning workouts, the statue that commemorates the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the war memorial.

Swim in the lagoon

The swimming Lagoon at Cairns Esplanade

The Lagoon is a man made salt water swimming facility which safe for swimming and free from crocodiles and stingers. The Lagoon is located right on the Cairns Esplanade with views of the ocean. It is free for every body to access and there are life guards on duty during the Lagoon opening hours.

The lagoon is open Thursday to Tuesday 6.00am to 9.00pm, Wednesday 12.00pm to 9.00pm (closed for weekly maintenance until midday) and Public holidays 6.00am to 9.00pm. There are toilets and shower facilities in an amenities block next to the lagoon.

It is a lovely place where locals and tourists come together to cool off from the heat of the day. It is also the most easily accessed swimming places in Cairns.

Pay your respects at the war memorial

The heritage-listed war memorial is located in front of the Cairns RSL right on the foreshore. The war memorial was built in 1925 and features a granite, sandstone and marble monument (in recognition of WWI), a statue of an Australian soldier, a naval gun from 1887 and a field gun from 1940.

The war memorial also features a memorial garden which commemorates four wars since WWI, the militarily and emergency services.

Check out the public art displays

A silver and blue statue commemorating the gateway to the great barrier reef

One of the final things to keep your eye out for along the boardwalk are all the art installments. From the statue above which commentates the citizens gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, to the woven fish in Lagoon, Migration North totems.

There are many information boards along the esplanade regarding the indigenous history, the British history, current information and of course, signs regarding the art work, their artists and their meaning.

Explore night markets

The entrance to the night markets

If you have ever to be a city in South East Asia you would know what night markets are all about. The open air night markets in Cairns have a definite South East Asian feel about them.

With over 70 vendors you will find everything from fish foot spas, to Thai massages, market stalls and food courts the Cairns night markets have everything you would expect from a night market. You will also find Australian specialties such as the famed akubra, it is a great place to spot a bargain.

The markets are open every day from 4:30pm until 10:30pm and are located on the esplanade opposite the lagoon.

Despite opening at 4:30pm if you want to experience the hustle and bustle of the markets when all of the stores are open I recommend waiting until about 6pm or 6:30pm to head to the markets.

Unlike the markets in South East Asia, the markets are air conditioned which makes it a great place to end a hot day in Cairns.

Shop in the city

Cairns if filled with your regular high street stores such as Cotton On, Kmart and Glassons but you will also find end stores such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton and boutique clothing stores.

If you have arrived in Cairns without a bathing suit you are in luck because there are plenty of bathing suit shops and of course tourist shops selling all of your Australian souvenirs.

As with many places around the world, it is clear the impacts COVID-19 has had in Cairns, so if you have a few hours to spare during your trip, walk around the shops and see how you can support the locals.

Stock up on your fruit and veg at Rusty’s market

The other market in Cairns is Rusty’s market which is one of the most well known markets in Australia.

When the markets opened in 1975 there were on a handful of market stalls but it has now grown to a huge market with over 180 that is open over three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The market stalls feature local exotic fruits, vegetables, flowers, fresh bread, sea food and diary items. You can also find international food and drinks, lots of specialty products such as clothing, jewelry and so much more. If there is something you are looking for you are bound to find it at Rusty’s market.

Rusty’s market is open on Friday and Saturdays from 5am until 6pm and on Sundays from 5am until 3pm. It is located on Grafton and Sheridan streets but if you can’t find it just ask a local and they will point you in the right direction.

If you ask anyone, Rusty’s is a must if you are in Cairns on the weekend so make sure you check it out.

Go to the cinema

If you have had enough of hanging out in the sun and going on epic adventures you might like to relax for a few hours under some air conditioning, so why not head to the cinema.

There are a few cinema complexes in Cairns but the most central is Cairns Central Cinema (pardon the pun.)

The cinema is a premium cinema offering the latest movies several times a day. You can purchase tickets direct from the cinema or you can purchase them online in advance.

Go underwater at the aquarium

Tropical fish at the Cairns aquarium

Cairns is well known for its access to the Great Barrier Reef and is why so many people flock to Cairns, however, going out to the reef can be expensive and not up every bodies alley.

If you would like to experience the Great Barrier Reef without having to snorkel or go on a boat then I highly recommend a visit the aquarium.

The aquarium has 71 exhibits which contains marine life that are unique to Tropical North Queensland.

At the aquarium you can explore creatures that call the rainforest and reef home, experience a live ray and shark feeding show, wander through the Oceanarium underwater tunnel, see Australia’s only deep reef tank and get up close and personal with some marine life in the marine touch tank.

The Aquarium is open 10am until 3pm every day and entry is $44 per adult and $29 for children.

Make sure you book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Click here to book your tickets now.

Wander around the Botanic Gardens

A butterfly sitting on a white flower

The Cairns botanic gardens are fantastic display of tropical plants in Far North Queensland.

The gardens are a great place to discover some new plants and enjoy a relaxed walk or picnic.

The botanic gardens, which include the Conservatory, are open every day from 7:30am until 5:30pm depending on the weather. Admission is free but pets are not welcome.

There is a visitors center in the botanic garden which is open 8:30am to 4pm weekdays, 9:30am to 2pm weekends and public holidays, closed Christmas Day.

The gardens are easily accessed from Collins Avenue, Edge Hill. The gardens feature Freshwater and Saltwater Lakes which are accessed from Greenslopes Street.

There is sufficient parking on both Collins Avenue and Greenslopes Street.

Wander around the Esplanade at night time and see the lights

The Esplanade really comes to life at night time. Everyone has come back from their day trips and they are out enjoying the warm weather and the beautiful lights that lit up the Esplanade at night time.

There is a great atmosphere at Esplanade at night time, so make sure you head out onto the Esplanade at least once during your visit.

Find the city buskers

Around the city at night time there are lot of buskers on the Esplanade, the Marina and around the city.

The buskers really add to the atmosphere of the night in Cairns and are well worth checking out. Of course, if you have spare change throw some money in their hat to support them and to keep them coming out every night to entertain everyone.

Enjoy a BBQ or picnic in the park

As you walk around the Esplanade you will see some BBQs and grassy areas near the lagoon and the play ground.

If you are trying to save money money on meals, go to one of the supermarkets and grab some sausages for the BBQ or some picnic items and enjoy a meal on the grassy areas overlooking the ocean.

Visit the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum

The Australian Armour & Artillery is home to largest collection of armoured vehicles and artillery in the southern hemisphere.

At the museum you will find over 90 collections with a huge emphasis on the era after WWII. The pieces range from scale models all the way up to large tanks from around the world. The collection is continually expanding and every item is kept in tip top condition.

There is plenty of information to go with each exhibit. However, if you don’t fancy reading but you want to know something in particular just check in with one of the staff. The staff are so friendly and have an amazing knowledge of each piece and the history behind them.

One of the coolest things at the museum is the firing range where you are able to test out a riffle and you can also jump inside an Armored personnel Carrier vehicle.

The museum is open every day from 9:30am until 4:30pm and has free parking. If you are taking the bus from the middle of Cairns look out for route number 132. Entrance into the museum costs $27.50 per adult and $16.50 per child.

Click here to book your tickets online

Ride the Kuranda Scenic Railway

A train crossing a bridge surrounded by trees

One of the best things to do in Cairns (well technically it’s not in Cairns) is to take the Kuranda Scenic Railway from Cairns Central Station to the rainforest village of Kuranda.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway departs from Cairns Central Station and Freshwater Station and doesn’t stop again until you get to Baron falls, where you will have 15 minutes to get off the train at the viewing platform before carrying on to Kuranda Station.

The journey takes passengers through 15 tunnels, 55 bridges and 150 cuttings as the train winds 327 meters above sea level through a heritage listed rainforest and provides you with the most incredible views.

When booking your train trip you have the option to book the Heritage Class (standard) class or Gold Class (premium). We booked the Heritage Class but when we went to check in at Cairns Central we upgrade to Gold Class and loved it.

The service on the train was amazing and the lounge chair were very comfortable. Our host, Maria was the most gorgeous person and was so helpful on our train trip.

You will need to book in advance, click here to book your tickets online.

Soar above the rainforest on the Skyrail

A skyrail gondola above the rain forest surrounded by misty clouds

Another way to reach Kuranda is to take the Rainforest Skyrail. Jump into a gondola and soar above the heritage listed rainforest. Stop off at the Barron Falls viewing platform (can you see the train on the other side?) and explore Red Peak.

The journey takes 1 and a half hour one way, including the stops, and two and half hours return. Your Skyrail journey can be combined with Kuranda Scenic Railway.

Each gondola can hold up to 6 people or 5 people (including infants) if you decided to go with the Diamond View. The Diamond View involves your riding in a gondola with a glass floor which means you can look down directly onto the rainforest.

The first Gondola leaves the Smithfield terminal at 8:30am and the last round trip journey leaves at 2:45pm however, if you are looking for a one-way trip to Kuranda the last gondola leaves at 3:45pm.

If you are travelling without a car you can organise to have transfers to and from the Smithfield terminal.

A one way ticket on the Skyrail costs $57 per adult and $28.50 per child, a return journey costs $85 per adult and $42.50 per child.

You can purchase your tickets here now

If you would like to purchase a one way trip on the Scenic Railway and return trip on the Skyrail you can do so here.

Take a boat out to explore the Great Barrier Reef

A fishing swimming among the coral on the Great Barrier Reef

One of the most popular things to do in Cairns and the reason why most people visit Cairns is to go out onto the Great Barrier Reef.

This is something we do every time we visit Cairns because the Great Barrier Reef is like a whole new world that is amazing to explore and the best way to do this is, is to jump on board a boat and head out to the reef.

On the tour you will visit two different locations on the reef to explore the marine life in the super clear water. If you have never snorkeled before there is no need to worry, the tour includes professional instructors who will help you get the hang of life on the reef. If you are pro snorkeler, you will be free to explore the reef.

A day on the reef is a huge bucket list item for most people and cannot be missed.

As with most activities you will need to book in advance, you can book your tickets for your adventure here.

If you would prefer a more luxury experience and to check out the reef from a glass bottom boat click here to book your experience.

Try Scuba diving

If you wanted to learn to scuba dive what better place to do so than on the Great Barrier Reef and, if you already know how to scuba dive but you want a day out exploring then what better place to do so than on the Great Barrier Reef.

In Cairns you will find some of the top scuba shops and they offer trial scuba dives which don’t actually break the bank. If you loved your trial you can get your PADI Open water certificate as well.

However, if you already your diving certification, there are many day drips that take you out to dive on the reef.

Just like snorkelling on the reef you can book your tour here.

Visit Australia’s most beautiful beach on Fitzroy Island

Nudey Beach at Fitzroy Island

Off the coast of Cairns are plenty of islands to explore and Fitzroy Island is one of the most beautiful islands. Fitzroy Island is accessed via boat and takes about 45 minutes, if you get sea sick ask the crew for some sea sickness tablets before you leave. They cost $3 for two tablets.

If you are looking for rainforest hikes you will find it on Fitzroy Islands, if you want to snorkel off the beach you can do that too and if you want to visit turtles in the rehabilitation center you can do that too.

Fitzroy Island is also home to the beach that has been voted as Australia’s best beach – Nudey Beach. And no, it’s not a nude beach!! It is a stunning white beach with clear blue water and a beautiful wooden swing.

Top tips: Snorkel in the morning as the tide goes out in the afternoon and it makes it quite hard to snorkel as the water is too shallow. Go to Nudey beach early. EVERYONE will be there in the afternoon.

There is so much to do on Fitzroy Island so make sure you book the first ferry to leave in the morning. When booking your transfer choose the activity package as it will include your snorkel gear, stinger suit and a tour on a glass bottom boat.

You can choose to add lunch on as well and it is a cute picnic box that you can eat any where on the island but there is Foxy’s bar and a store on the island where you can purchase food.

Book your Fitzroy Island tour here

Swim with the turtles at Green Island

A sea turtle swimming in the ocean

The other Island which is super popular to visit from Cairns is Green Island. Is located about 45 minutes by boat from the Cairns Ferry Terminal.

Green Island is the perfect place for snorkelling, diving and glass-bottom boat tours. Below the surface you will sea grass which is perfect for small fish to hide from turtles and dugongs. The sea grass is also the perfect place to swim with turtles as this is where they feed.

Sea turtles are harmless and will go about their business as you swim on by. If you stop swimming you will be able to float in the ocean along side the turtles. A swim with the turtles was such a bucket list item for me and I think I was on a high for the rest of the day!

If you want to capture the moment but don’t own a GroPro you can hire one from the ferry terminal.

I suggest heading to the island on the full day tour so you can make the most your day on Green Island and see all (or most) of what there is to see.

Book your tour to Green Island here

Get the best views with a Scenic Flight

The most beautiful thing to do in Cairns is to see the Great Barrier Reef from the sky. The colour of the ocean mixed with the islands that are dotted around and the Great Barrier Reef make for the most perfect flight.

On your 40 minute flight you are guaranteed a window flight as your listen to the commentary look out for Green Island and Palm Cove as well as Arlington Reef, Upolu Reef, Double Island and the beautiful coast line of Far North Queensland.

If you are staying in Cairns central your tour includes pick up from your hotel.

Flights start from $245 per person and you are required to book in advance. You can book your flights here.

Float above the Great Barrier reef in a hot air balloon

Okay, so I said that the scenic flight was the most thing to do in Cairns but flying in hot might have to share the title as one of the most beautiful things to do in Cairns.

What could be more beautiful than floating above Tropical North Queensland in a hot balloon as the sun is starting to peak above the horizon. The hot air balloon floats over the Atherton Tablelands, across farmland, rivers and gorgeous forests.

Your tour includes pick up from centrally located Cairns hotels and tours depart at 4am, so if getting up super early in the morning is your thing then make sure you book in advance. Book your tickets here.

Go chasing waterfalls

Cairns and the Atherton table lands are filled with the most beautiful forests and waterfalls. A trip to Cairns would not be without getting out of town and exploring the waterfalls.

While you can take an organised tour (you can book a tour here) to explore the Atherton tablelands and the waterfall circuit, I suggest hiring a car for the day and doing it yourself.

When we hired our car we were given a map, you will be able to pick up a map at tourist information or the car hire company (just ask for the waterfall circuit map), and hit the road. Without stopping the drive will take about 4 hours, however, you are going to want to stop A LOT.

I recommend leaving as early in the morning as possible to make sure you are not spending the day rushing.

Some of the highlights on the waterfall circuit are Eacham Lake, the Milla Milla falls, Babinda falls and Devils Pools. The swimming waterfalls are the perfect place for refreshing swim and most of them are located right next to the car park and don’t require a huge hike.

If would like to check out a waterfall but you are short time, head to the Crystal Cascades as there are just thirty minutes outside of the Cairns city.

Get your heart racing with a Bungy jump

I will admit this activity is not for me, but if willingly jumping off a stable platform head first is for you then go for it. You’re in luck, Cairns is the only place you can bungy jump in Australia.

The platform stand 50 meters above a natural lagoon which you will touch the bottom of your jump. Don’t worry, you will get a certificate to prove that you were crazy enough to complete the bungy jump. They also have free transfer from central locations in Cairns.

Bungy jumps are $139 per adult and $99 for children, you can book your tickets here.

Head into the Daintree Rainforest at Cape Tribulation

A view over Cape Tribulation and the Great Barrier Reef

If you are looking for a day trip to a more remote part of Far North Queensland where businesses let you know if they open with a sign at the end of their driveway, mobile reception is a new invention and is more beautiful than you have ever imagined the you need to visit Cape Tribulation.

Cape Tribulation is where the heritage Daintree Rainforest meets the ocean, crocodiles control the rivers and living dinosaurs (the cassowary) wander in the rainforest.

Jump on a day tour from Cairns (book your tickets here) or hire a car and drive the Great Barrier Reef Tourist Route from Cairns to Cape Tribulation.

When you’re in Cape Tribulation check out the Mason’s Swimming hole where you can without the worry of Crocodiles, try ice cream made from exotic fruit, visit Cape Tribulation Beach, the most beautiful beach in the world (in my opinion) and walk the boardwalks in the rainforest.

Cape Tribulation is a two and a half hour drive from Cairns and is so worth it.

Visit the rainforest village at Kuranda

A sign reading welcome to Kuranda

Even if you have decided not to take the Kuranda Scenic Railway or the SkyRail cableway, a trip to Kuranda, the rainforest village is still a fun way to spend the day.

Located a short 30 minute drive from Cairns you will find the small hippy town that feels as though you are worlds away from any where else.

In Kuranda you will find unique market stalls, street food and live music in the middle of the rainforest. You can also visit the Koala Sanctuary, galleries filled with aboriginal art by local artists and eat at the Kuranda hotel which makes you think you have stepped back in time.

Swim without the crocodiles at Mossman Gorge

Famous for a reason and only an hour from Cairns in Mossman Gorge. Not only can you relax in the fresh watered swimming hole without the fear of a crocodile nibbling at your toes, but you can also experience a stunning walk through the Daintree rainforest.

From the Visitor’s Center you can walk the 45 minute rainforest circuit where you will spot the massive fig trees, encounter rainforest birds and animals and breathe in the fresh air of the rainforest.

There are plenty of things to explore at Mossman Gorge so make sure you go into the Visitors center so you don’t miss anything.

Hike to the top of Walsh’s Pyramid

From the moment you fly into Cairn’s to when you are driving around Cairn’s you will mostly likley have seen

If you didn’t spot Walsh’s Pyramid on the flight in, then you won’t miss it when driving around Cairns. This mountain is known as the largest freestanding natural pyramid in the world, and is located just a short drive from town.

If you’re reasonably fit and up for a steep hike to one of the best unobstructed, 360-degree views on offer in Cairns, then don’t miss it. All in all, it takes approximately 3-4 hours to summit and return, so make sure to plan ahead.

Keep your eyes out for Crocodiles

A crocodile on the banks of a river

Far North Queensland is known for the crocs that roam the rivers and beaches. Whilst, seeing one when you’re lounging on the beach would not be an ideal situation (throw off your thongs and run!!!), it is a great experience to spot the crocodiles from the safety of a boat tour.

With the Daintree River Cruise you will spend an hour cruising along Daintree River through the UNESCO world heritage Daintree rainforest. During the cruise you will learn about the local area and the wildlife, whilst looking out for crocodiles lurking in the water or lounging on the beach.

If a river cruise is not quite what you are looking for or you would prefer not to hire a car, then perhaps a visit to Hartley’s Crocodile adventures is the perfect day for you. With transfers from Cairns you can sit back and relax before spending time exploring the parks woodlands and rainforests. Make sure you take a tour of their Lagoon and watch one of their crocodile shows!

Spend the day at the beach(es)

A path running through two rows of palm trees next to a beach

There are plenty of beautiful beaches to the North of Cairns that are waiting for you to explore them. One of the best beaches north of Cairns is Palm Cove. Located about 25km north, the small tropical village (well suburb) by the sea is filled with charm, a beautiful beach, stunning weather and there are plenty of things to do in Palm Cove.

Another beautiful beach is Clifton Beach which you can visit in the same trip as Palm Cove, in fact, I recommend walking from Clifton Beach to Palm Cove but watch out for the crocodiles.

All of the Northern Beaches are easily accessible by car or on the local bus and you can fit in quite a few beaches in one day.

Fall into a food coma at Palm Cove

If you are looking for some beautiful places to eat, I cannot recommend Palm Cove enough, in particular El Greko. Outside of Greece, or perhaps including Greece, this one of the best Greek Restaurants you will find. Make sure to book as it does book out especially in the high season.

So, if you are visiting Palm Cove for the day, stay a little later and enjoy a Greek meal in the sea breeze and imagine you are sitting in a small restaurant on one of the beautiful Greek Islands.

Visit the Crater Lakes

Lake Eacham on a very over cast day
Try to visit on a clear day!!

Located an hour from Cairns (passed Walsh’s Pyramid) you will find Lake Eacham and the Crater National Park. Unfortunately, you will need a car to explore this stunning part of the world, unless you’re happy to pay for a private group tour which visits are few of the spots on this list of things to do in Cairns (I must warn you, it is very expensive).

Along side Lake Eacham is Lake Barrine and these two lakes have both formed from Craters. There are no creeks or streams which on a clear day, makes the water crystal clear.

Make sure to pack your bathers as it is the perfect place to cool off on a hot humid day. Just be mindful of the “friendly” crocodile that also swims in Lake Eacham.

Explore the Volcanic Sink Hole

The Mt Hypipamee Crater is also known as a Volcanic pipe. The pipe was opened from surface rocks by gas which was produced from molten rock below. The great pressue formed by the gas caused the vent to explode.

These days, you can stroll along the 800 meter rainforest track to the viewing point to se the huge granite walls of the crater. The walk is not overly challenging and will take about 30 minutes return, depending on how often you stop for photos of course.

Marvel at the Curtain Fig Tree

The curtain fig tree in Yungaburra

The Curtain Fig Tree is so much cooler to visit than you would think. The curtain that you see is from on tree leaning onto a neighbouring tree at a 45 degree angle.

The Fig Tree is located in the Atherton Tablelands which is about 1 hour from Cairns, so you will need access to a car or join an Atherton Tablelands tour. However, once you get to the Fig Tree it is very easy to access, you will follow the boardwalk along until you reach the Fig Tree at the end of the path.

The Fig Tree is only 180 meters from the carpark through the rainforest and there are no stairs so it is easily accessed by everyone.

Take road trip to Port Douglas

A white chapel among the Palm trees

Another town North of Cairns is Port Douglas. This beautiful beach side town allows easy access to the low isles but also has a very iconic Australian township.

When visiting Port Douglas you must visit the famous Four Mile Beach, watch the sunset from the pier, look out for crocodiles resting on the banks of the creek and the cute beachside chapel, St Mary’s Chapel.

Not only does Port Douglas make for a great day trip from Cairns, it also makes for a great place to stay, so you might want to consider splitting your time between Cairns and Port Douglas.

From all of the things to do in Cairns, what are you most excited to do? Let me know in the comments below

Fiona xoxo

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