A magical tour of the Harry Potter studios

Harry Potter, you entered my life when my mum bought me Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for Christmas when I was 11. Not at all excited about this book my mum spoke to my teacher who said it was part of a series. Of course, mum went out and bought me Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The obsession had begun.

Fast forward 20 years and I have read, re read (again and again) all of the Harry Potter books. There were a few stages in my teens when I was banned from reading Harry Potter (“find something else to read” my mum would say!). I have done a Harry Potter marathon, more than four times – long haul flights are not complete unless they have all 8 movies – and cried countless times as my favourite characters have been killed off.

It is safe to say that Harry Potter shaped my teen years and as an adult I still find the story so enchanting and secretly, I am hoping my acceptance letter will appear in my letter box. Yes, I would go back to school for another 6 years if I was attending Hogwarts.

For many of us, we grew up alongside Harry and his friends like they were our friends. He has been the longest lasting and most consistent character of our time.

I am sure there are many of your out there who can relate with this

So, the Harry Potter Studio in London! The night before Christmas feeling is the only way to explain the amount of excitement I felt going to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

“The Making of Harry Potter” tour features props, costumes, models and complete movie sets from the filming of all eight Harry Potter movies.

From the moment you arrive at Leavesden it is like you have arrived on Platform 9 and 3/4. Where ever you look, you are surrounded by the Harry Potter world. You begin your tour with the Cupboard Under the Stairs, walk through the Great Hall and finish with the most amazing Model of Hogwarts. I never thought a movie set could make me feel so emotional.

For two or three hours the outside world doesn’t exist, you are now part of the complete Harry Potter fantasy. You can peer into the home of the Dursleys, you can look inside your self of the Mirror of Erised, say “Up” and take command of your broom stick. You can even treat yourself to a sweet and creamy tankard of butterbeer! It truly is a dream come true.

Let’s step inside the magical world of Harry Potter

The smallest set in the Harry Potter movies
Celebrating Halloween in the Great Hall

This is where the “spoilers” of the magic begins, who knew it wasn’t really an enchanted ceiling?! Did you?

Set decorations from the Yule Ball
The prefects Bathroom
Gryffindor Common Room
The potions classroom
The potions classroom
Entry to the Chamber of Secrets
Professor Umbridge’s Office – 40 kittens were used to film the plates!
The Hogwarts Express
The Knight Bus
Daddy’s gone mad hasn’t he?
Diagon Alley
The model of Hogwarts Castle that was used to film the shots of the Castle

Tips to help you plan your trip

Book in Advance!

You need to purchase you tickets online in advance as you need to book a specific time and available date. They only allow a certain number of visitors during each time slot, so not all dates and times are available. People are often turned away at the door if they turn up without a ticket!!

Ticket Prices

Adult (Ages 16 years and above) £31 Child (Ages 5 to 15 years) £23.50

There are also group tickets available for families

Getting There

Warner Bros has Journey Tool to help you plan your trip via rail, car or shuttle bus

We used our Oyster Cards to take overground rail to get to Watford where a Warner Bros. Studio shuttle is waiting for you and costs £2 per person for a return trip.

No Food Inside

Before beginning the tour you can visit the cafe or Starbucks which are located just inside the main entrance.

Food cannot be eaten inside the studios, however, halfway through the tour you can take a break and you are more than welcome to eat your own food in the back lot. If you have not bought your own food you can purchase food, amazing Butterbeer (about £3 including a keepsake tankard). Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also for sale.

That being said, you can still bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the backlot of the studios (about halfway through the tour). Here, you can also purchase a delicious butterbeer (about £3) and, for adults, there is also beer and wine available.


Be prepared. The gift shop is every Harry Potter’s dream come true and you can purchase almost anything you have dreamed of. However, it is quite expensive so if you are travelling with children I suggest you set a budget!!

Shop the Harry Potter Essentials

Check out some of the tours available…..

Save for later…..

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9 thoughts on “A magical tour of the Harry Potter studios”

    • Thank you!! It is definitely worth it and make sure to get some Butterbeer or at least Butterbeer ice cream! So good.

  1. I would love to do this! I’m a big fan of Harry Potter. My husband and I just started reading The Sorcerer’s Stone to our daughter and she is already hooked. I’m so excited to share the magical world with her.

  2. I read the entire series with my son while he was growing up. Loved them as well as the movies so would love to take this tour.,

    • I LOVE Harry Potter and I love that you read them with your son!! The tour is fantastic, although it has lots of spoilers haha

  3. Gahhhhh! Super big HP fan here! 👋👋👋 I always get sorted to Hufflepuff no matter WHAT quiz I take, and over the years, I’ve come to made peace with it 😂🤣

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