Airport tips you must know before your next trip

Airports can be stressful places, but they don’t have to be! If you know these airport tips before your next trip you’ll be relaxing in the bar before too long.

Display screens at an airport

Choose your outfit wisely

Make sure to choose an outfit that is practical. Not only for the flight but also for moving through the airport. Wearing layers is great because you can take off a layer in the airport but be warm on the plane.

Arrive in plenty of time

For international flights, check-in opens 3 hours before the flight. Plan out your route ahead of time, accounting for roadworks, to make sure you arrive at the airport in plenty of time. There is nothing worse than running through the airport with all of your luggage in a panic.


Check-in at home

Many airlines allow you to check-in 24-48 hours before your flight. This means that when you get to the airport you can join the bag drop queue – this is often much shorter than the check-in queue. Some times if you don’t check in before you reach the airport you may get a charge to check in at the airport.

Make your bag recognisable

Many bags look the same on the conveyer belt, tie something colourful to your bags such as a ribbon or a bag tag so you can easily spot your bag. I love to have a bright tag!

Check your liquids

Before you get to the airport, make sure your carry-on liquids are in 100mL bottles and are in a clear plastic pouch. Have these easy to reach so you’re not holding up the line at security.

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Make sure your electronics are easy to reach

When you’re packing your carry-on bags, make sure you have your electronics somewhere that is easy to reach. It can be quite stressful when there is a huge line at security and you’re trying to find everything in your bag.

Find your gate

As soon as you have cleared security, find your departure gate. At some airports, this can be quite easy as the gates are close together. At other airports, your gate might be a 30-minute walk away or you might need to get on a train. Once you have found your gate, feel free to go for a walk!

Pack your own snacks

Airport food can be very expensive, I suggest packing your own snacks to save some money. Snacks such as chips, cut up fruit or vegetables, nuts or even lollies are great airport snacks. Just be mindful that what ever you don’t eat you may need to leave them on the plane depending on the country you are entering.

Bring an empty water bottle

Always carry a reusable and collapsible drink bottle. Once you have passed through security you can fill your bottle at a drinking fountain or you can ask the flight attendants to fill your bottle on the plane. It is important to drink as much water as possible when you are a long flight (or any flight!)

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Know where your passport and boarding pass are

Keep your passport and boarding on you so you can easily access them when you are asked to do so. Once you’re on the plane you can keep them safely in your bag.

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Go for a walk

If you’re taking a long haul flight, you will be sitting down for a long time, take some time to stretch your legs before the flight.

Line up when you’re called

Often planes will board in a certain order, check your boarding card and only line up when you’re asked too. Some people queue long before they are called and this can cause stress for the airport staff, or cause other passengers to think they need to be standing in the queue. Take this time to relax and wait until you are called.

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